Community Campaign



 This is the story of our children, our future

We often think of education as the task of learning specific topics and skills, but in fact, it is a journey that opens your mind to things that you have not been exposed to. It builds social skills, teaches problem-solving, creative thinking, stability, values, and discipline: a true personal development.

This will be the foundation that will guide decisions, the tool that will empower a successful life. This development holds the key to social change; it is the backbone of an evolving society.

A recent Gallup poll questioned one million children, and came to the conclusion that the greatest predictor of success was hope for their future, not economic status, grades or test scores; but hope.

Students read together in a group


Knowledge brings empowerment, opportunities, and choices to each person. We deliver that message to our students and aid them in understanding that success is possible. It is a powerful message that their community believes in them and want to help benefit their continued growth.

Mentor sits with student


Our approach changes everything

We are committed to the success of all students, to create a compassionate and lasting impact on the community. Your support will fund the hopes of graduating students whether they are seeking a certification, an associate college degree, or a four-year university degree.


Donor Impact

“I am a first generation kid; no one has come to university before me in my family. You have empowered me and created these opportunities. To know that someone wants us to get to where we want to be is making such a difference in our lives.” – Allison

“Your support means everything. I wake up every morning so grateful for all the people that led me here to this place. Your gift extends far beyond the scholarship; it opens doors to so many opportunities that I did not have before. Thank you so much.” – Amy

“I cant tell you how much it means to me to get the scholarship. I thought; this is my moment, somebody cares about me, this is where I get to make my mark. You invested your time and finances in me and I will be able to pay it forward. You saw me on paper and decided that I was worth an investment. You believe in my potential. thank you for giving me the opportunity to push through and create a better future for myself.” – Jessica

Teacher Impact

The impact that a teacher has on their students, as shown through the excerpts below, is powerful. The Foundation is a bridge to support this potential through grants for teaching programs that provide new approaches, formats that can spark a students interest and imagination, and elevate their participation in all subjects.

Student study around a table

Student Testimonials

“You saw me for who I was, while also opening my eyes to see what more I could be, and what more I could do. You thought me to study to better myself, to leave a complacent attitude behind. You taught me the value of hard work. You showed me that it is not the circumstances of your birth that determine your success, rather the effort that we are willing to put into our lives, not to make excuses, and give up on myself.” – Irvin

“You saved my life. There came a time where I knew nothing, felt nothing, believed nothing, and was simply nothing. I started going through my days without being able to imagine a future. For you to have listened to my concerns, reassured me, to have opened your doors for me when I needed, I am and will for as long as I last am grateful for your grace. Thank you for keeping me here, keeping my heart from flat-lining, and keeping me alive for the promising future that I now believe will come.” – Abbey


This is our defining moment

It’s our chance to shape tomorrow. A child’s hope can become reality with your support. Your involvement makes the journey a possibility that many simply would not experience without your help. Join us in a partnership that will change the lives of students and bring the dreams of our community to life. Our future as a community can only shine as bright as the success of our students shine.