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The 2019 Scholarship application period is now closed.  







WELCOME! Greetings! Best of Luck!

General Senior Scholarship Application Extensive Info

Scholarship applications ARE open and accepted  TODAY- Deadline to return on February 22, 2019. Teacher recommendation forms are highly encouraged to be given to teachers as early as possible.

For Students

This application automatically considers you for several local scholarships, including the EMS ISD Education Foundation Merit, Max and Mollie Newcom Memorial scholars, PTO’s/PTA’s, the John and Elaine Craft, Frank and Vandolyn Roszell, Carmen and Richard Kunselman, Martha Pittenger Memorial, Art Wilcox Memorial, Al David Griffin Memorial, ATPE, Dennis and Angie Haar, Jake Sanchez, Community Link Mission, Mike and Janet Greene scholarships, and many-many more! 2018 allowed us to award 100 scholarships! We aim to exceed this in 2019.

We have made this process easy for you. You only need to complete this single application to be eligible for dozens of local scholarships, which generally range from $500 to $1,000+. Scholarships are read by diverse panels of judges with various backgrounds seeking to pair a student with the perfect scholarship to help them succeed. The criteria for selecting recipients varies from scholarship to scholarship. For example, some scholarships are awarded based upon grades and test scores, while others are considered for extra-curricular activities and citizenship, so please answer each question with as much detail as possible. These scholarships may also be awarded to students interested in a particular field of study (i.e. education), for example, the Texas Epsilon Omicron Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship (ADK). This scholarship is available to students that want to pursue a degree in education.  By ensuring that you include information that you are pursuing a college degree in the field of education, this scholarship might be compatible. The Texas Epsilon Omicron Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa is part of an international honorary organization of women educators dedicated to educational excellence, altruism and world understanding. One of the many purposes of Alpha Delta Kappa is to promote education by providing scholarships in the field of education.  Our Texas Epsilon Omicron Chapter of ADK provides four $500 scholarships to qualifying graduating seniors. 

The application should accompany a questionnaire for the Education Foundation projected recipient announcement purposes. This form is found in the Counselors office. The application in full, is 13 pages. Incomplete applications will not be considered. It includes:

  1.  Student Application Deadline page with specific instructions READ CAREFULLY
  2. Cover page with student identifying slips to be attached to Teacher Recommendation Forms
  3. Application is 6 pages and includes 4 short essay questions
  4. Stats page 7 is submitted by your campus counselor 
  5. Teacher Recommendation Forms (2) 
  6. Questionnaire  (2-pages, 1 instructional/informational and 1 written response) Not found online.

Please consider applying for FASFA and specific community college and university scholarships in addition to this local scholarship application.  FASFA opens up in October, so begin that process early and be the first to apply. After you graduate be sure to invest time in reapplying for FASFA every October.

Application Tools: Before you begin: 

  1. Gather your 4-year class scheduling data.
  2. Collect extra-curricular, work and volunteer data.
  3. Be prepared to submit a list of notable accolades/awards from your high school years.
  4. Team up, have a parent aide you on answering the financial sections.
  5. Practice writing the essay answers to better understand what you want to show the reader about yourself. Include your accolades, struggles, ambitions and triumphs. Always have a second (or third) proof reader. “Grammar and complete thoughts are… (catch that?)
  6. Select teachers to evaluate your performance as a college-ready student and give them ample time to complete by the deadline. Make sure this teacher knows you well and can speak to your strengths.
  7. Check-in with your recommendation teachers and your counselor to ensure the application is completed and everything follows guidelines.
  8. Hand written applications do not follow instructions or guidelines. If you do not own a home computer please utilize school library computers, public library computers and other resources with in your area.
  9. IMPORTANT: seniors should download the application first and type in the saved version in order to save your responses. If you type in the application then try to download/save, it will not save your work.
  10. Okay! You are set!  This is a fillable pdf application, it is not necessary to convert to a word document, first. Click below and begin.


      2019 Application is no longer available



If you will be applying to the TCC Cornerstone Honors Degree Program, consider this 2 essay addendum to attach to your 2019 application for an EMSISD Education Foundation scholarship. This particular scholarship is a 2-year full-ride scholarship (up to $4,000) in the Cornerstone Honors program at TCC Northwest Campus.

*You must apply to TCC Cornerstone and be accepted into the program to be eligible for this scholarship. Visit their website to apply online.  www.tccd.edu





We hope this video will help you understand some of the steps that you will need to do to be college bound.  This video demonstrates a time lined approach to becoming college-ready. This video has been said to be very educational for students when beginning their high school years.  Expectations are clarified by our guidance professionals and students give feedback on what they do to be ready for college and appealing to scholarship reviewers. A college education is a financial sacrifice and we understand that not all families are aware of the institutes or foundations with scholarship and grant aide. The EMS ISD Education Foundation would like to provide this video to inform our students of such opportunity.