Student Scholarships

General Scholarship Application

 Scholarship applications will be accepted starting January 8, ending February 16 2018. Forms will be available early January.

For Students

This application automatically considers you for many local scholarships, including the EMS ISD Education Foundation, PTO and PTA scholarships, local business scholarships and more!

You only need to complete this single application to be eligible for dozens of local scholarships, which generally range from $500 to $1,000 each. The criteria for selecting winners varies from scholarship to scholarship. For example, some scholarships are awarded based upon grades and test scores, while others are considered for extra-curricular activities and citizenship, so please answer each question with as much detail as possible. These scholarships may also be awarded to students interested in a particular field of study (i.e. education, athletics, etc.), so it is important that you complete the entire application, along with submitting two teacher recommendation forms. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

On the cover page of the applications you will find other guidelines and useful suggestions.

The Path to College and Scholarships- Where to begin.

We hope this video will help you understand some of the steps that you will need to do on your way to college:

General Scholarship Applications

High School Scholarship Application 

       Cornerstone Application

       Scholarship of Applied Science  

      District wide 8th grade- Anagnostis Academic Scholarship 

Ricky Arizola Memorial Scholarship Application- Coming soon.


Scholarship descriptions:

Anagnostis Academic Scholarship

This scholarship is being offered to all 8th graders in the district. This scholarship has been establish in honor of Anthe Anagnostis.

Scholarship of Applied Science

This Scholarship offers up to 64 credit hours paid at TCC. Please see application for complete details.

Gary McKinney Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is available to  students that have spent two years in the AG program. You should use the regular application, but ensure that you include information about your participation in the program.

Jake Sanchez – Saginaw High School Application

This scholarship is initiated by a Saginaw High School Alumni as an investment in a persistent and unique individual who through academics and activities ensures the healthcare fields future. One student athlete who demonstrates excellence in the classroom, in athletics and in the community will be selected annually. Through this investment, the donors says” I believe in your dreams and all the possibilities to come”

Applicants should use the Saginaw High School application above.

 Cornerstone Application

The Education Foundation currently offers four Scholarships to the Cornerstone Honors Program at Tarrant County College Northwest campus. These scholarships cover tuition, fees and books for up two years and $ 4,500. If you are interested in the program, you can find all the information on the application process on the cover page of the application.


Other avenues in the district include:

http://www.collegeguidanceconsultants.com/    (EMS-ISD subscribes to E-scholarship, a reputable site)