Meet Our Donors

Our Donors and Sponsors, these extraordinary people and companies, they change everything!

Their generosity tells our students and teachers that someone believes in them, someone that they don’t even know. There is nothing more powerful.

Please allow us to publicly acknowledge their support, thank them and share their stories with you.

Please remember to support them in return.


Mike and Janet Greene, Gold Donor of the Year – Read their story>>

The Windy Ryon Foundation

Bill Anderson, Linda Brown, Dr. Don Hull, Ronald Caloss, Eagle Mountain Elementary PTA, Eastside PTO, EMS-ISD Board of Directors, Epsilon Omi-Alpha Delta Kappa, Tim and Susan Matheus, Max and Mollie Newcom, Retired School Employees of EMS-ISD, Frank and Vandolyn Roszell, Jake Sanchez, Joan and Robert Urban, Westside PTO

Gary Austin, John and Elaine Craft, Tim Dennis, Liz Hatley, Terry Parish

Meet Our Sponsors